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Holcim (SRPM)

Scanmarket (formerly Symfact) Customer - Manufacturing Industry

Complex third-party risk management integrates with Dow Jones due diligence tool.


Holcim is a global leader in building materials with over 72,000 employees in 70 countries. They needed to widen the scope of due diligence conducted on its counterparties and required a tool with the capabilities to develop workable solutions for the many risks involved in onboarding counterparties.


Holcim was able to deploy an agile risk-based solution enhanced with a company-wide risk-matrix formulated by Fulcrum Diligence to conduct more thorough due diligence. Symfact (a Scanmarket company) was able to integrate a number of independent processes into one, increasing efficiencies greatly.


Holcim integrated sanctions screenings with Dow Jones third-party due diligence process and centralized control of all third-party data.

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