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Join Scanmarket and guest speakers on topics such as strategic sourcing, best-of-breed, supplier management, and driving S2C adoption.

We run a wide variety of webinars and podcasts, all with the aim to share our knowledge and passion for strategic sourcing. 

On-demand Webinars

Streamline with Structure: The Value of Implementing a Successful eSourcing Strategy to Drive Efficiencies

by Procurement Foundry & Scanmarket 

Scanmarket's Senior S2C Consultant, Niels Kock, and Procurement Foundry's CEO, Mike Cadieux, unpack how a structured procurement approach streamlines processes and drives efficiencies. The duo discuss embracing the digital transformation with a strengthened eSourcing strategy that centers around visibility and transparency, all while encouraging stakeholder engagement. Watch this webinar to understand the value of having the right tools to find the right suppliers at the right price.
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Harnessing the Power of Procurement: How Integrating Automated Negotiations with eAuctions Can Drive Operational Optimization

By Procurement Foundry & Scanmarket

Scanmarket's Henrik Balslev, COO, and Procurement Foundry's CEO, Michael Cadieux, team up to discuss eAuctions as an untapped resource for many organizations looking for ways to optimize the buying process, while broadening the scope beyond incumbent suppliers. The two emphasize the importance of understanding how data-backed negotiations with automation contributes to overall process improvement, and helps realize operational goals to impact the bottomline. 

The Western Regulatory Landscape Impacting Procurement & Supply Chain

By David Loseby, Sponsored by Scanmarket

As major organizations are driven by environmentally and socially-conscious stakeholders, governing bodies have passed regulations to track and mitigate negative impacts. Watch this webinar to understand current policies facing procurement and supply chain teams, the ever-evolving legislative landscape, and how to prepare.

The Case for Best of Breed Procurement Technology

By Jabil & Accor Hotels

Meet Frank Mckay of Jabil and Clément Duquerroy of Accor Hotels as they discuss and share insights on their organizations' best-of-breed approach to procurement technology, why they adopted the approach and the resulting advantages. 

Making the Case to Ditch Underperforming Software

By SoftwareReviews & Scanmarket

Switching existing software vendors dramatically increases user satisfaction. The costs of switching are real, but renewal should not be by default. In this webinar, David Piazza, Division President at SoftwareReviews, will discuss how he works with clients to overcome challenges and motivate stakeholders to invest in better software solutions. 

The Future of Procurement: Treating Suppliers as Partners, Not Just Cost

By Forrester & Scanmarket

Andrew Bartels, Forrester Research, and Henrik Balslev, Scanmarket discuss why Procurement can no longer just focus on cutting the cost of the goods and services that firms buy. Choosing the right suppliers is becoming more important than choosing the cheapest ones, especially when related to the trend of the expanding share of corporate spending on services instead of goods.

Success - Don't Leave It to Chance

By Procurement Leaders & Scanmarket

Driving adoption through change management and digital transformation can be tough, but it's not impossible. Listen in and get key advice on how you and your organization can succeed on your digital maturity journey.  With Alex Johnston, Principal Analyst for Procurement Leaders, and Dan Gianfreda, Director of Customer Success for Scanmarket.

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