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Project Management

Everything You Need to Know About Your Projects in One Place

Gain a complete overview of all projects and the associated status and view the full project history for straightforward project lead handovers. Communicate directly with your stakeholders and ensure easy access to all documentation associated with each project.

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All-in-One Dashboard

All aspects of the source-to-contract cycle can be managed from Scanmarket's Project Management software, as all Scanmarket applications are fully integrated, including sourcing, negotiation, award, contracting of goods and services, performance management, and savings tracking. All stakeholders can be invited to participate and communicate through this central hub. 

Manage and plan your project pipeline and resources by allocating multiple projects and tasks to internal and external stakeholders.

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Best-Practice Workflows that Will Make Your Day - Everyday

Define and deploy fully customized best-practice workflows making everyday projects easier for users to follow. Adapt to your specific requirements for project stages, tasks, and guidelines. Enable easy search and filtering to help you quickly locate what you’re looking for.

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Tracking Savings

Customize separate sections to capture workflows e.g. for project approval or savings approval. Cost savings can then be captured in a structured and consistent way. Currency exchange rates are managed at the company level to ensure all reporting is using a company base currency.

Stakeholder Communication

Manage, invite and communicate directly with your stakeholders, ensuring all communication is tracked and stored in one single repository for full project history and straightforward project lead handovers.

Single Repository

Gain full visibility of all existing projects via a single shared project repository. All notes, files, website links, and communication can be added to a project. The reference section allows you to link the project to the current contract or ongoing eSourcing events. Initiate new sourcing events directly from the project and chose from predefined templates.

Integrates with industry applications

Integrate with what you know and already use.
Scanmarket integrates with leading technology solutions to create an effortless experience for the end user.

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Key Project Management functionalities

Visibility of All Projects

Gain a complete overview of all projects: progress, status, stakeholders, stage, notes, metadata, and documents - with auditable history for full compliance.

Visualize the Sourcing Process

Build your plan on the customizable project board to visually present processes. Identify areas that need attention with color indicators for project statuses such as an upcoming deadline or being passed due for action.

Approval Workflow

Ensure transparency with automated stakeholder task workflows. Allow all project participants to stay informed with access to shared project details and approvals-based signoffs at critical project phases.

Best-practice Process Deployment

Define and deploy fully customized best-practice processes and workflows. Enhance sourcing, supplier management, risk assessments, contract management, and your overall procurement management plan.

Integrated Solution Hub

Manage all aspects of the Source-to-Contract cycle including sourcing, negotiation, award, contracting, performance management, and savings tracking. Invite stakeholders to communicate through this central hub.

Custom Filters and Reporting

Adapt your views to your preference. Search, filter, save, and generate Excel reports according to your requirements.

Project Plan and Resource Allocation

Manage and plan your project pipeline and resource allocation. Delegate key objectives and tasks to internal and external stakeholders.

Data-driven Benchmarking and Continuous Improvement

Collect and report any metadata. Benchmark your current baseline against key metrics and develop improvement strategies based on data-rich takeaways.

Project Requests

Automatically import stakeholder-populated forms into the project repository. Review the project team requests, communicate with stakeholders, and approve or reject the request.

500+ Happy Customers

Scanmarket’s software is built to make S2C management as simple as it should be.

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Scanmarket's S2C Procurement software is built to be used.
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Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I keep all stakeholders informed?

    Procurement Project Management offers a transparent process, with customized and automated stakeholder task workflows to ensure all project team members are kept informed, with access to shared project details and the ability to sign off at important project phases.

    Can I customize my views and reporting for better resource management?

    Adapt your views entirely to your individual needs, and search, filter, save and generate excel reports according to your requirements. Use the numerous search and filter options such as deadlines, status, criticality, spend and/or savings potential, or resource requirements, to find exactly what is needed. At any stage of a search, it is possible to export all data to Excel, and continue the drill-down in a fully editable Excel report.

    How can I view past activities in the event of a change in project leadership?

    Our supply chain project management tool features include, the ability to Manage, invite, and communicate directly with your stakeholders, ensuring all communication is tracked and stored in one single repository for full project history and straightforward project lead handovers.

    Can I integrate with other Scanmarket software products?

    The Project Management software is fully integrated with other Scanmarket applications. Easily create an RFx or auction directly from a project, for example, when the project reaches a supplier qualification or supplier negotiation step, links will be created between the different collaboration tools to ensure easy navigation with the project being the stepping stone between the different applications.

    When adding suppliers to the project, you will have direct access to the Supplier Risk & Performance Management (SRPM) application and be able to link the supplier profile in SRPM to the project, making it easy for you to manage your supplier relationships, and to conduct procurements. When finalizing a project in the contract implementation step, you can create a contract directly from the project, and ensure links between all applications from start to finish in the source-to-contract process.

    Which type of support do you provide?

    We provide 24/5 Quick Call support for your internal users and suppliers.

    Quick Call support is not like your typical support desk. With Scanmarket, you have direct access to our global team of expert source-to-contract consultants who can resolve your issues rapidly. We often hear from our customers that Scanmarket's Quick Call support is the best in the industry.

    Quick Call support is available to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. 85% of Quick Calls are answered in less than a minute, and 95% are answered within five minutes.