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Customer Success

Drive Adoption in Partnership with Scanmarket's Customer Success Managers for Fast Results

Ensure Digital Transformation of Your Strategic Sourcing

S2C software implementation doesn't guarantee results. Using it does.

Your Success is Our Success
Most organizations focus on finding the best technology but overlook internal needs, project execution, and user adoption. According to Gartner, poor governance has been found to reduce technology ROI by 41% on average.
Scanmarket customers see on average 300% increase in throughput and savings from their source-to-contract programs when switching to Scanmarket. We pride ourselves on taking ownership of customer results and embrace stakeholders to ensure user adoption. With Scanmarket, you have a true partner providing continuous guidance and support throughout your digital transformation.
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Our Approach Is Built On Best Practice

Our Customer Success Program is built on a foundation of best practices that have been tested and honed for more than 20 years. Our comprehensive partnership approach is structured to guide and drive your organization's digital transformation.
Under the Customer Success framework, key stakeholders have defined roles and responsibilities with full support from Scanmarket's Customer Success Team to get where they need to go. Management and executive sponsors receive ongoing reports on key metrics and periodic health checks to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.
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Why 38% of Digitalization Projects Fail

Successful adoption is not a given and Scanmarket's Success Plan includes elements to tackle all those common pitfalls.


Poor Change Management
Scanmarket helps you establish a plan with clear objectives & targets to be communicated within your business to help with change management.


Lack of Accountability
Scanmarket helps you assemble a driving team to ensure everyone knows who is responsible for what, as well as ensure clear senior management sponsorship.


Skills Gap
Scanmarket has a variety of support & training options to choose from to help bridge any gaps in skills and experience.

Pay Attention to Your Implementation

The buying organization often spends a lot of time and energy selecting the right software solution without much consideration for implementation, configuration, data migration, training, and rollout of the solution. However, post-implementation is where the real work begins. Depending on the source-to-contract solution and the maturity of the organization, post-implementation typically requires.


  • Change management when adapting from manual to digital processes or from legacy to new systems

  • Driving widespread user adoption

  • Breaking down resistance and building buy-in across the organization

  • Monitoring and driving performance

  • Calculating and reporting on benefits and ROI

  • Continuous evaluation and improvement


Accelerate your digital transformation with Scanmarket.
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Keys to Successful Adoption

Our recipe for success includes the right team, focused on the same objectives & KPIs, and a plan that outlines monthly and quarterly milestones to ensure targets are achieved.

The Driving Team

Assemble a team from your organization and Scanmarket to drive digital transformation.


Business Objectives

Define procurement challenges and objectives to ensure the right priorities are in focus.


Define source-to-contract key performance indicators that feed into your wider business objectives to ensure success.


Regular status meetings monitor and drive performance to ensure gaps are identified and adjustments are implemented if needed.

Success Management Framework

Get a Head Start

Scanmarket's Customer Success team works closely with our customers to drive user adoption, throughput and ROI. We work together to create and implement a success plan that defines KPIs and other key metrics based on the customer's objectives, KPIs and targets.

Customer Success Packages

Basic, Standard or Professional?

The three different levels are designed to enable you to define your long-term engagement with Scanmarket. We recommend scaling your support according to where your organization is within your digitalization journey and your current maturity level.  If your organization changes or grows and your support needs to change with it, you can revisit your level whenever you need to.



Basic assistance and ad-hoc support.

Managed support, working with Scanmarket to meet KPI's and business objectives.

Partnership approach, where Scanmarket acts as a proactive partner to drive adoption. Customer tailored success plans, including key business objective, KPI's, and identified activities are created to ensure targets are met.

What are your digitalization needs - and how do you best prioritize them according to your maturity level and key business needs?