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Newly Released Carbon Accounting Reporter

Reach your net zero goals with effective carbon accounting. Utilizing Spend Analytics, extend visibility of your supplier data by measuring, reporting, and understanding scope 3 emissions, helping to advance your decarbonization and sustainability strategy.
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Spend Analytics

Make Your Spend Management Smarter

Improve visibility into complex procurement challenges that impact business planning and execution using Scanmarket’s intelligent Spend Analytics software.



Advanced Strategic Sourcing Spend Analytics

Find and share meaningful insights through data visualizations, AI-driven categorization, and prebuilt custom data connectors - all integrated with Excel.  A single source of truth will provide the business intelligence to understand historical and real time company spending, identify opportunities for savings across your sourcing activities, and help you and your finance team to accurately forecast future spend.
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Simplicity Starts with Visibility

Scanmarket's Spend Analytics technology identifies supplier dependencies and opportunities for savings through instant visibility to company-wide spend. Our application is designed to provide a high-level overview for category managers or finance teams, using category and regional filters.  The preconfigured dashboards provide as much detail as you need and if they don’t provide the right details, we can create custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs.
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Accelerate your decarbonization journey

Scanmarket’s Carbon Accounting reporter extends visibility of an organization’s supplier data, allowing them to track and analyze Scope 3 carbon emissions, ultimately helping them to reduce their environmental impact. With single-source data collection and advanced reporting and dashboarding, customers can interrogate CO2 emissions on both supplier and category level to allow for a deeper analysis and in turn can make informed decisions about suppliers to support their sustainability strategy.
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Understand Your Supplier Base

A dashboard designed to provide insights into your supplier base and identify: Do we have low-spend categories with too many suppliers, who are our largest suppliers, how many suppliers do we use in different parts of the business, etc?

Ensure PO Compliance

Track and ensure compliance across the organization by understanding who is buying off purchase orders, or if off-PO spend is related to specific categories or suppliers, or certain parts of your business.

Holistic View of Payment Terms

Gain insights on payment terms across your supplier base. The dashboard provides a holistic view of payment terms related to for example categories, total spend, and the number of suppliers.


Getting Started with our Spend Management Solution Is Easy

Transferring Your Data
There are two ways to transfer your data - and you chose which suits you and your business processes:

  • Manual Data Transfer When It Suits You
    Import your spend data using excel or any other tabular file format within minutes, using a secure SFTP server for your data transmission. 
  • Automated Data Transfer
    If you prefer automatic data import, you can use any standard business connector, connecting most ERPs via open and non-proprietary standards. It uses the internet as a communication platform and allows you to automate the process of fetching new data.

Integrates with industry applications

Integrate with what you know and already use.
Scanmarket integrates with leading technology solutions to create an effortless experience for the end user.

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Key Procurement Spend Analytics Functionalities

    AI Driven Categorization

    Increase data accuracy and minimize manual processes through AI-driven data cleansing, machine learning, and rules-driven categorization.

    Centralized Spend Data

    Gain a single, accurate, and organized overview of spend across all data sources, business units, geographies, languages, and currencies.

    Data Enrichment

    Improve data trust by clarifying, normalizing and adding 3rd party data for improved data accuracy.

    Data-driven Insights

    Analyze and interrogate your data across multiple dashboards. Identify opportunities for savings and efficiencies with alerts for supply risks and compliance issues.

    Plan eSourcing Initiatives

    Strategize for short- and long-term savings with enriched data for realistic goal setting.

    Maverick Spend Reduction

    Control unanticipated costs, maintain a healthy supplier base and manage contracts, purchase orders and expenses, all while minimizing tail spend.

    Payment Comparison

    Identify inconsistencies and risks through types and terms of payment comparisons at the global, site, or department level. Monitor these payment conditions over time to ensure consistency.

    Understand your Suppliers

    Understand your supplier base better and act accordingly. Easily identify areas of concern for better decision-making.

    500+ Happy Customers

    Scanmarket’s software is built to make S2C management as simple as it should be.

    Associated British Foods
    Assa Abloy
    US bank
    Anglian Water
    Emirates Flight Catering
    Liberty Global
    Alfa Laval

    But don't just take our word for it

    At Home Trust, we are now in year one of post-procurement digital transformation, and we are extremely pleased with how it is working out at this point. Scanmarket was an integral part of our journey and we are happy with our partnership.

    Sanja Cancar-Todorovic, Head of Enterprise Procurement, Outsourcing and Vendor Management

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    The Benefits of Using Scanmarket Spend Analytics Solution


    • Identify inconsistencies and risks through comparison of types and terms of payment at global, site or department level

    • Optimize use of suppliers by mapping spend & payment terms per supplier, identifying direct or indirect spend risks

    • Provide insights & project cost savings for financial planning and direction of company strategy

    • Online reporting provides a current view of the business, driven by the ability to update your spend when you need it – daily, weekly or monthly

    • Get regular reporting and trendlines on spend identifying

    • Proactively make and execute data-driven decisions to solve complex procurement issues that impact business strategy

    Challenges Scanmarket Source to Contract
    Spend Analytics Solves

    Inefficient manual processes

    Automate repetitive and time consuming spend analytics tasks, like categorizing invoices and creating prebuilt reports.

    Messy, inaccurate dirty data

    Increase data accuracy and eradicate manual data preparation through automated AI.

    Spend Data Scattered

    Gain an overview of spend by category in order to identify potential risks.

    Lack of Actionable Insights across Categories, Regions, and more

    Instant overview of procurement projects and solutions.

    No visibility on Organizational Spend

    Automated insights into how spend is distributed, and which spend could provide a risk for the business.

    Supplier Risk

    Visibility to spot disruption and potential risk in the supply chain.



    Scanmarket is Loved and Trusted by Customers

    SotwareReviews asked real users what they thought about using Scanmarket and the value they received, here is what they had to say.
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    How Much Does Scanmarket Cost?

    Companies of every size and type, from medium-sized manufacturing businesses to enterprise-level service organizations have made the move to Scanmarket. Looking for a better way to run your source-to-contract processes but wondering about the cost?

    Users subscribe to Scanmarket for an annual license fee. Your license is made up of three main components: core platform, optional modules and the number of users. There is also a one-time implementation fee for the initial setup. As your business grows, you can easily activate new modules and add users — that’s the beauty of cloud software.

    24/5 customer support is included with the Scanmarket platform license.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

        What is S2C Spend Analytics?

        S2C Spend Analytics is a data-driven approach that empowers organisations with actionable insights into their procurement process spend.

        This approach involves the systematic analysis of purchasing data from the various stages of the procurement process, starting from sourcing suppliers to final contract execution.

        Source to Contract Spend Analytics enables procurement professionals to make strategic business-decisions, identify new savings opportunities, track supplier performance, and enhance the overall procurement efficiency. 

        How often is the data in my spend analytics dashboard and reporting updated?

        Online reporting provides a current view of the business, driven by the ability to update your spend when you need it – daily, weekly, or monthly.

        How can I increase the intel on my strategic sourcing spend categories?

        Optimize the use of suppliers by mapping spend & payment terms per supplier, and identifying direct or indirect spend risks with our spend analytics saas.

        How can I report on my spend management?

        Our Spend Management Software empowers you to get regular reporting and trendlines on spend identifying e.g., how spend is used across the business, if spend is increasing or decreasing, the number of active suppliers, and whether payment terms are correct with our strategic sourcing saas.

        Which type of support do you provide for your spend analytics platform?

        We provide 24/5 Quick Call support on our spend analytics tools for your internal users and suppliers.

        Quick Call support is not like your typical support desk. With Scanmarket, you have direct access to our global team of expert source-to-contract consultants who can resolve your issues rapidly. We often hear from our customers that Scanmarket's Quick Call support is the best in the industry.

        Quick Call support is available to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. 85% of Quick Calls are answered in less than a minute, and 95% are answered within five minutes.

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