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Carbon Accounting

Reach your net zero goals with effective carbon accounting

Utilizing Scanmarket by Unit4’s intelligent Spend Analytics software, extend visibility of your supplier data by measuring, reporting, and understanding scope 3 emissions, helping to advance your decarbonization and sustainability journey.

How it works


Easily collate data on your organization's Scope 3 emissions across the supplier base, ensuring comprehensive data collection and accurate reporting.


Gain valuable insights by utilizing advanced analytics and customizable reporting, empowering you to make informed decisions and implement targeted emission reduction strategies.


Take proactive steps towards sustainability by harnessing trusted data and predictive modeling, allowing you to implement effective carbon reduction initiatives.




Environmental impact reduction

By tracking and analyzing carbon emissions, organizations can identify opportunities to reduce their environmental impact, contributing to sustainability goals and addressing climate change.


ESG Benchmarking

Benchmarking ESG efforts through Carbon Accounting can help organizations raise the profile of their sustainability initiatives. By tracking emissions, setting reduction targets, and ensuring compliance, companies enhance their reputation, foster innovation within their supplier base, and yield financial benefit.


Supplier collaboration

Innovate partnerships with suppliers to track and reduce emissions throughout the supply chain. By engaging suppliers in sustainability initiatives and setting emission reduction targets, organizations can foster accountability and drive positive change across their supply networks.


Strategic decision making

By understanding the carbon footprint of suppliers activities, organizations can prioritize initiatives that align with broader sustainability goals and drive positive environmental and business outcomes.

Key Functionalities


CO2 analysis with drill-downs on both supplier & category level to allow for deeper analysis


Trusted data

Single-source data collection with accurate reporting and advanced dashboarding.


Automatic refresh

Dynamic updates to data, eliminating the necessity for manual extraction and ensuring accurate reporting of emissions on a regular basis.


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