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Hirschmann Automotive

Scanmarket (formerly Symfact) Customer - Manufacturing Industry

Complete contract lifecycle management integrates dynamically with Microsoft Word.

Scanmarket Products:

Contract Lifecycle Management


The contract review process at the Hirschmann Group was lengthy with several parties involved. The contract management system needed to provide a strong authoring tool that allowed users to leverage their knowledge of Microsoft Word and have a complete history of changes by all parties throughout the process.


The Hirschmann Group commissioned Symfact (a Scanmarket company) to configure the application to manage their contracts and other documents easily and efficiently. The configuration included functionality to improve overall operational efficiency for the creation, review, negotiation, approval, monitoring, reporting, compliance and enforcement of business contracts, thereby relieving contract management.


Symfact centralized control and storage of all contract documents and formalized contract negotiations while tracking version history throughout the entire contract lifecycle. Tasks were automated to accelerate internal contract review with the appropriate levels of access control to records, data and other documents.

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