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Scanmarket Customer - Food & Beverage Industry

Successful contract management implementation with no training required.


Marston’s, one of the UK’s premier breweries and pub operators, deals with thousands of contracts per year that need to be created, executed, monitored, and managed. With widespread operations and a large supplier base, Marston’s had long faced a significant number of issues posed by legacy storage of contracts in hard drives and filing cabinets with no central repository. Even with a central repository, the requirement for a physical signature caused delays, extra costs and complexity into the process.


Marston’s implemented Scanmarket’s Contract Management solution to better manage the organization’s contractual commitments. The Scanmarket team used a flexible implementation approach that relied less on mandates and training, and more on efficient communications programs, FAQ’s and user guides. Starting with the highest-volume contract team (Sales), Marston’s rolled out the platform to over 200 people.


The platform was so easy to use that no training was required. Marston’s legal team was able to process contracts and signatures much faster with Scanmarket’s DocuSign eSignature functionality, and nearly all parts of the organization have been onboarded. They are experiencing higher efficiencies and increased savings with a central repository and reporting system, which provides more transparency.

By moving to the DocuSign eSignature functionality inside Scanmarket’s Contract Management module, Marston’s legal team was able to process contracts and signatures faster.

Sam James

Procurement Process Coordinator at Marston's

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