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Norquest College

Scanmarket (formerly Symfact) Customer - Education

College gets smarter with contract management software.

Scanmarket Products:

Contract Lifecycle Management


Norquest College administered manual contract management processes within a prescribed college-wide contract management framework to ensure each contract complied with all applicable policies and procedures including legal and fiscal obligations, risk mitigation, and insurance requirements. The college needed to ensure there was centralized control, and an automated tool would be required to effectively manage the full contract lifecycle process more efficiently.


Norquest selected Symfact (a Scanmarket company) to develop a centralized repository of clauses, templates, contracts, and other business. Departments needed the ability to begin the process of identifying the needs for contracts via electronic requests (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs) and route them through the requisite assembly of authors through an automated workflow.


Contract templates can now be assembled from a library of preapproved corporate clauses with automated versioning. A library of workflow packages is now fully managed by non-technical administrators, and notifications and alerts are in place for budgetary controls, compliance management, insurance tracking, and more.

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