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Holcim (LEM)

Scanmarket (formerly Symfact) Customer - Manufacturing Industry

Managing the legal entity across a global organization.

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Legal Entity Management 


Holcim is a global leader in building materials with over 72,000 employees in 70 countries. They needed to widen the scope of due diligence conducted on its counterparties and required a tool with the capabilities to develop workable solutions for the many risks involved in onboarding counterparties.


A single tool was deployed to host all information about the Holcim Group legal structure, enabling the company to efficiently manage and maintain their data through a process involving legal and finance departments across Holcim Group, head office and all operating countries. The solution provided thorough reporting via readily defined reports, addressing all stakeholder requirements.


An efficient web-based solution, globally accessible with a clear overview of Holcim’s legal structures and ownership.

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