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2021 Supply Chain Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey

2021 Supply Chain Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey

Commitment Skyrockets, Requires Follow-Through

2020 was a turning point for CSCOs’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Gartner and ASCM surveyed North American and European supply chain organizations on priorities and drilled down on racial/ethnic representation and actions to attract, develop, engage and advance people of color.

The Supply Chain Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Survey was launched in 2020 to capture high-level data on broad DEI dimensions (racial and ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ, physical ability and others) and initiatives. The survey also explored racial and ethnic DEI data and best practices in supply chain organizations. 

Supply chain organizations report two times more diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in 2020 than they had in 2019. Race/ethnicity and gender are the DEI dimensions most likely to be considered by supply chain organizations. 62% of respondents consider race/ethnicity and 59% consider gender.

Of the full-time supply chain workforce in North America and Europe, 30% are people of color. There is a steep drop-off in representation as the management and leadership pipeline advances to senior leadership — only 9% of supply chain VPs are people of color.

John Powell

Senior Sales Executive - Scanmarket

John Powell is a Senior eSourcing Consultant at Scanmarket with 21 years of sales and sales management experience with companies both large and small, but most recently with SIG (Sourcing Industry Group) where served as the VP of Membership Development for over 5 years. He brings specific expertise in the financial services and mortgage industries with the past 6 years focused on procurement solutions and innovation. Prior to SIG, John managed a team of 30+ Account Executives for Citibank. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Edinboro University.

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