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eRFx Software

Scanmarket Features & Benefits
Prequalify, Analyze & Shortlist Your Suppliers

Streamline Pre-qualifications and Supplier Shortlisting

Scanmarket’s eRFx Software allows you to easily leverage all your supplier knowledge to optimize tendering processes and keep your team in the know about your suppliers.

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Configurable Events Repository

Auto-generated widgets provide out-of-the-box insights. Save your own pre-filtered views, customize view names, and favorite the ones more frequently used. Filter and search on every meta-data field to find the events you are looking for.





Instant Reporting

Run reports containing 100s of records in mere seconds. Save reporting configurations to easily allow the generation of standard reports.

Standardize your Sourcing Processes

1- Select your eRFx type

Select the most appropriate type to obtain all the benefits the RFx module can offer.

2- Choose a Price Sheet Format

Select the correct RFx template to reduce the subsequent efforts needed for both the buyer as well as the supplier.

3- Input Price Sheet Details

Input all the details on the previously selected template.

Understand who are the Most Competitive Suppliers and Invite them to an eAuction

Scanmarket eRFx Software ranks supplier proposals per product category, per country, per region, per items costs, per delivery costs, per switching costs, per quality differences and more, to give you a list of your most competitive suppliers that should be taken to an eAuction.




Monitor the eRFX Process

Follow all information entered by suppliers and monitor their status. Communicate with individual or all suppliers through the system. Edit the eRFx during the process if needed, you can add more suppliers, questions and text.




Export your eRFx event in seconds

Automated reporting with an automated side-by-side analysis of supplier responses and Excel reporting in a single click.

Scanmarket a Leader in Procurement Management

Scanmarket was recognized as a leader in the 2023 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews - for the 3rd year running.

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