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Overview of Company Procurement Initiatives across all Departments

A Scanmarket Use Case on Project Management

A cloud-based shared repository that provides an overview of all procurement initiatives.


Provide an overview of company procurement initiatives across all departments, while tracking project status, savings, and keeping all involved participants and stakeholders informed.


  • A single cloud based shared repository that grants users with full visibility into all existing projects, and access to all internal notes, files, and communication.
  • Allow users to fully define their procurement process, whether it be a standard 7 or 10 step process, or any custom one.
  • Grant users with full visibility into their sourcing process on a Kanban board.
  • Allow users to search, filter, save, and generate excel reports according to their requirements.
  • Enable users to set-up project templates with custom fields, savings, and tracking.
  • Enable users to store any data on a project template including key stakeholders, standard documents, mandatory fields, or pre-defined tasks, whilst ensuring full compliance and traceability.
  • Allow users to allocate projects and tasks to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Allow users to link any project to the current contract or ongoing eSourcing event.
  • Enable users to initiate any new sourcing events directly from any project.
  • Streamline the process for internal business stakeholders to submit requests, ensuring that all data is seamlessly integrated into the project repository.


  • Reduced cycle times.
  • Better visibility into project status.
  • Quick approvals, workflow, and structured processes.
  • Notification of upcoming deadlines and delays.
  • Better compliance with established processes, templates, and procedures.
  • Roadmap that is easy to follow from start to end.

Want a complete overview of all your procurement initiatives across all departments?

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