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Waste Materials

A Scanmarket Savings Snapshot on Manufacturing

Leading Manufacturer of Sustainable Climate Comfort Solutions uses Scanmarket RFQ in reverse to sell 1600 Tons of Waste Materials.


An international leader in sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions wanted to maximize the value of 1600 tons of their waste streams of metals (such as steel, copper and aluminum) and general waste and recyclables. In addition to this they also wished to ensure they were doing all possible to minimize their impact on the environment.


The client ran an RFQ event to establish the competitive landscape of the potential buyers, and understand the potential rebate levels clearly, in order to maximize the profitability of their waste materials, consisting of 1 lot for metals (consisting of 18 different waste streams), and 1 lot for cardboard and plastics.


Thanks to this RFQ the client was able to increase the rebate values for each of the metals and obtained first time rebates for their cardboard and plastic streams, whilst also sending much more material to recycle streams than before.

According to the client Scanmarket was a great tool to use in this format as it essentially worked in reverse with them being the seller of these materials.

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