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Dried Fruits

A Scanmarket Savings Snapshot on Retail

Retail client identifies 8.8% savings in dried fruits for 20 retail locations.


A UK-based leading manufacturer of convenience food ran an auction as a second stage negotiation step with their suppliers for 180,000 kg of dried fruits (raisins, apricots, sultanas) to be supplied to 20 locations across the UK. The company was already using the Scanmarket eRFX and eAuction applications to drive savings but worked with their Scanmarket Customer Success Manager on this specific auction as it concerned a significant amount of spend


The client ran an RFQ initially, collected market prices and transferred them into a CherryLot Auction.7 suppliers were vetted and invited to the auction to compete on 5 different product lines.


The auction drove total savings of 8.81% and generated a total of 212 bids from the suppliers in just 35 minutes. The great result will help to increase usage of the Scanmarket Source-to-Contract platform within the company.

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