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Christmas Gifts

A Scanmarket Savings Snapshot on Office Supplies

Large European manufacturer uses Scanmarket RFI to secure 5,000 employee Christmas gifts at great prices.


A major European manufacturer wanted to buy 5,000 Christmas gifts for their employees. Their budget was limited due to tax regulations, and they were looking for 4 types of gifts:

  • Charitable donation
  • Christmas basket
  • 2 gifts to be determined in the bidding process
  • Suppliers to provide gift suggestions


Scanmarket's client decided to use 2 different RFIs. The first RFI was used to prequalify 12 suppliers to suggest up to 10 gift packages based on experience, return policies, wrapping, and brands. The 2nd RFI asked 6 suppliers to make specific offers on 3 gifts according to specified themes. A Private Event bidding format was used in order to hide the content from company employees.


9 bidders provided information in the first round. 5 out of 6 bidders submitted bids in round 2. The RFI provided innovative gift ideas that met the customer's needs across a diverse employee base, and the client was able to stay within budget while maintaining secrecy to keep the element of surprise for employees.

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