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Thought Leadership on TPRM Related to Procurement & Supply Chain

Thought Leadership on TPRM Related to Procurement & Supply Chain

Scanmarket has collaborated with thought leaders to produce a series of briefing notes about the quickly evolving third-party risk management (TPRM) landscape from a procurement and supply chain perspective. 

Most recently, we heard from David Loseby who has over 30 years of experience at senior executive and director level positions that drive value and change through procurement, organizational transformation, and change management. His background spans a variety of roles with significant global experience and responsibilities in both private and public sectors, and he was the principal architect behind the behavioral science-led approach to adoption of a new digital platform.

The following are summaries for what's to come from David Loseby: 

Ukraine Russia Conflict

Not a day goes by without more news about the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, the ramifications of which will be felt across supply chains for months if not years to come. The impact will be direct and indirect relating to commodities and energy.  Russia and Ukraine account for 29% of all the world's wheat exports, and Germany relies on Russian gas to power its electricity and energy grid by around 50%. The pursuit of billionaires in the Navalny 35 continues with the French seizing €850 million in a single day this week. Coordinated sanctions by many world governments are changing the dynamics of supply chains globally. 

Dan Gianfreda

No Longer with Scanmarket

Dan Gianfreda was Scanmarket's Director of Customer Success, Europe. He has worked in the eSourcing market since 2011, and joined Scanmarket in 2016. He was responsible for running all aspects of the UK operation. Dan is very passionate about helping organizations transform their sourcing operations and maximize their sourcing results and believes that the most important support begins, rather than ends, at system implementation.

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