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Scanmarket Named Strategic Sourcing Software Champion

Scanmarket Named Strategic Sourcing Software Champion

from  August 19, 2021 | 2 min read

Scanmarket Named Strategic Sourcing Software Champion - Image 1

This survey evaluated the high-level user sentiments from across various industries, compiling responses from 26 thought-provoking questions directed at assessing the overall user feeling toward both the vendors and the products.

Among those also ranked, Scanmarket surpassed Jaggaer Sourcing and Vortal for the number one spot, having received a Net Emotional Footprint of +97 based on efficiency. Other notable categories were respectfulness and transparency with suppliers.

The results showed strategic sourcing users were happy with the pace at which vendors are keeping with market directions, staying up to date with trends and the latest innovations. However, the study also revealed there is considerable room for improvement in all providers when it comes to overpromising.

Using the Emotional Footprint Diamond, the study illustrated the customer experience with various software vendors as a complex relationship encompassing the entire process from procurement and implementation to service and support. To calculate the Net Emotional Footprint, participants were asked to quantify their experience and their overall feelings toward each vendor in the following areas:

  • Service
  • Negotiation
  • Product impact
  • Conflict negotiation
  • Strategy
  • Innovation

After data collection, these metrics were aggregated to determine a comprehensive view of the software user experience, and thus the Net Emotional Footprint of each provider.

Ensuring the validity and value of this study, each participant in the study was a verified user and the data-collection methods free of traditional survey components such as market presence or analyst opinion, to avoid swaying outcomes as result of external pressures, financial or otherwise.

With nearly two decades of IT research and advisory experience, SoftwareReviews is a trusted source to provide an authentic view of the commercial software environment, current end-user landscape and the accompanying client-vendor relationships through their data collection from real IT and business professionals.